Life is good when it’s Win, Win, Win!

So last week I placed another District Manager with a top QSR franchise group client I work with who is acquiring a 40+ unit DMA in the southeast.  They asked me to find someone with previous experience

with their brand who was not currently working elsewhere for the brand.  While not an impossible task, it does limit the candidate pool quite a bit!

While it took a few weeks of recruiting, I was able to present several strong candidates.  As we moved the process along and the finalists were determined, one candidate stood out as the best choice for my client.  Not only did this candidate have the brand experience they were looking for but he also had the strong results and outcomes that my client was looking for.

A job offer was extended by my client through me and the candidate excitedly accepted.  Several days later, within minutes of each other, both the candidate and the client called me to thank me for the job I had done for them.  The candidate was very pleased that I put him in contact with a growing restaurant franchisee with tremendous career opportunity.  The client was happy with the speed and diligence at which I worked to recruit the restaurant leader they needed.  He then gave me a joborder to find them someone in a larger role for a higher position in the group!

It was a win-win-win situation all the way around.  I love my work!